The best kiss I ever got

The best kiss I ever got

Sunday, March 6, 2011

#10-God sends confirmation

I am a true believer in confirmation. God says in his word that he will not do anything unless he first reveals it to his prophets (Amos 3:7). Whenever we felt uncertainty in areas concerning us or Brooklynn God was always there to give us reassurance. It started from the time she was born, I was sitting at the Ronald McDonald house and a lady walked up to me and said, "I don't know your name but God has told me to tell you that you are not to blame for your daughters sickness, he is not punishing you." Then  there was the multiple times we would be in a restaurant or a store and someone would walk up to us and ask to pray for Brooklynn or just reassure us that God was in control of our situation.And we will never ever forget the time we went to the Smokey Mountains and stopped at an old home place to show Brooke and there was a mysterious man who kept following us and smiling. Finally when we go to the end he walked up to us and said that he had been watching us and the way we cared for Brooke and that God had sent him to tell us that she was going to be ok. He said he was there with his wife but there was no one else or no cars there. When we left he was standing in the middle of the hwy waving to us and smiling. I looked at Timmy and told him not to look back again because I was pretty sure he was going to disappear. When we got home Brooke immediately got sick and was hospitalized but God had already let us know she was going to be ok.
When it came time for us to find a new church God again confirmed where we should be. We were driving 2 days a week to Stanford to an awesome church but the drive was getting a bit too much. We had driven by Victory several times but this day was a little diff. As we drove by I heard God speak to me clearly and say, "your families ministry will develop out of Victory." I looked at Timmy and said, "God said our ministry will be developed there, think we should go?" LOL. Our first night there was the night of Heavens Gates Hells Flames (which by the way is coming this month). I was nervous about us being there for the first time because I wasn't sure where we would set Brookie and her wheelchair. Ill never forget that night walking in the door and a tall grey haired man(who later became Poppa) met us at the door. He said, "are you the king family", I said "yes we are". He then said, "Good, we have your seats reserved right up here and we have pulled a chair for Brooke's wheelchair, if you need anything at all you just look at me and I'll get it." Wow, I had never been treated so well in a church in my life. As a matter of fact the last church we went to they had asked us to carry Brooke in so her wheelchair wouldn't be in the way. It wasn't long after that they asked us to greet. I wasn't sure how I could do that and leave Brooklynn up front by herself but that was not what they asked. They wanted all of us to greet, Brooklynn included. She had her very own name tag and I would lay the bulletins on her lap. Every Sunday I would roll her up to her seat and there was a paper on the floor that said, "this spot is for Brooklynn and these seats are for her parents". We found a new family there. Poppa and Nana, Amanda & Amber became family to us. If Brooke got sick all we had to do was call and say we are on our way to the hospital and they would beat us there. God new exactly who and what we needed in our lives and once again her provided. I always wondered what ministry God had for our family. To me at the time it didn't look like we had much to offer. Sure we attended and worked at all the church events, Brooke included but I thought serving God required more. I thought we had to be up on stage with bright lights, be able to play music, sing or what have you but unfortunately none of us possessed any of those talents. One day I prayed and asked, "Lord, where do we fit in, what is it that you have called us to do?" He immediately answered and said, "I have called you to be Tim, Millie, Brooklynn & Tabetha King." I then thought, that's it! Sure we only stand at the door and smile but hey that's what we are supposed to do. God isn't looking for our abilities, he wants our availability! Amazingly enough just from Brooklynn sitting in her wheelchair at that door every Sunday she totally changed peoples lives. She didn't speak, she didn't walk she was just available and God used her. Just this week I was showing a house to an older lady who said, "Millie, I always wanted to tell you something. I have awful health and I struggled to get out of bed every Sunday for church. But I would look at little Brooklynn sitting at that door and think.. God, if she can get up early, get ready, come here and serve in her condition surely I can just come and sit on the pew and listen.
Let Brooklynn be a reminder or a confirmation to you today that it doesn't have to be the big things you do for God that pleases him, it can be the small tiny ones. Brooklynn took her candle though it may have looked broken and shined the light for the whole world to will you do with yours?

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  1. Thanks for making me cry happy tears, Millie!!! None of us will ever forget the big smile on Brookie's cheerful little face as she served the Lord with everything He gave her! I think her smile changed more lives than we will ever know until we get to heaven.