The best kiss I ever got

The best kiss I ever got

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#13 All I want for Christmas is my ...

After Brooklynn' s hip pain had progressed even further we decided to try the cortisone injections. In order to do this they would have to put her asleep at UK and go in with a large needle and insert the cortisone between her bones to keep them from grinding. We were a little nervous and a  little scared but mostly excited for Brooklynn to get some pain relief. We went early that morning and we were out in 45 min. But I didn't realize we had to set in that same waiting room and wait on her to get out of surgery that we did when she had all of the heart surgeries. My anxiety level was high when I opened that door but It's funny how things change. That room didn't look nearly as big as it did the first time I went in. I don't think it was the size of the room that scared me but the size of the giant we were facing back then.
A few months later I was brushing Brooke's teeth and the whole front of her enamel (which had slowly been chipping away due to all of her medicine) came off! I called immediately and got her an appointment with the pediatric dentist at UK. Now, after the stroke Brooklynn had an extremely bad bite reflex. When you put something in her mouth the reflex would cause her to bite down and she couldn't let go! We never dared stick our fingers in there unless it was an emergency and even then I would wrap a wash cloth around my fingers to try to cushion the bite.There was a student there that day, a young girl who was really pretty but a terrible listener, lol. I told her to please make sure that she did not stick her fingers in her mouth and told her why. She said, "oh well we have this metal clamp to hold her mouth open and there is no way she cant bit through this." I said ok and just turned my head. In just a few seconds I heard her screaming help me, get her. I turned around and began massaging Brooke's jaw to get her to release. I still couldn't help but laugh because after all I had warned her and the look on Brooke's face was priceless!
Soon the Dr came in and said that she would need crowns put on those two front teeth and again she would need surgery for that. Guess where it was? UK. Here we go again, the same waiting room but this time the surgery would take 3-4 hours. I was so thankful tho that God had prepared me by letting us set there for the hip surgery a few months earlier, he is just so good like that! We sat down and both of us again were a little scared and nervous.We barely spoke to each other because we were both praying so hard. We had prepared Brooklynn by telling her that she was getting new teeth that day! She was so excited! After about an hour my pager went off and they said, "Ms. King, the doctor is wanting to speak with you, go to the RED phone." "The red phone? The red phone? They still have the red phone? Isn't there a blue one or a yellow one I can use, does it have to be the bad news red phone? (You will have to read my earlier post to know why we dislike the red phone so much). I picked it up and it was the Dr. I stood there with tears streaming down my face. Timmy was scared to pieces. He told me that she had some abscesses so he just pulled her top teeth! Those were her permanent teeth! I know it seems so little compared to all we faced but I had made Brooke a promise, I promised her new teeth and now they are gone! The Dr said it was pretty normal in children like Brooke to pull them because of all the meds she took but again, we were crushed. We walked back to recovery and there she was. Laying with an oxygen mask that was full of blood. It really caught me off guard and I nearly fainted! I didn't think it would look that bad but I had to remind myself that we walk by FAITH and not by SIGHT.
We took her home and my funny husband came up with an idea. I know he said, let's not tell Brooke they pulled her teeth, let's tell her that she got her new teeth. Sooo...the next day she took her little tongue and was sticking it against her front teeth and Timmy said, "woo hoo, look at those new teeth sissy"! She grinned so big. I took her back to school and she smiled at Ms. Linda and she said what happened? I said look she got new teeth! Brooke was so happy with her new teeth and we got the biggest kick out of her smiling and showing them off. Lesson learned: Sometimes in the midst of heartache and trials you just have to smile and  pretend you have teeth even if you don't. Be positive and lift up God even when you think you cant. Don't be devourable to the devil!  The bible says Satin wanders too and fro seeking whom he may devour.What makes us devourable? Our very words and actions! If it were Sat morning and you wanted to go to a yard sale what would you do. Would you get in your car and drive all over Somerset and hope to run into a yard sale? No! You would get in your car and search for signs, yard sale signs. Satin does the same thing. He goes around looking for signs and if he passes by your house and there are all of these negative words coming out like "I don't know why we have to got through this, our lives are so bad, God never does anything for me..."  then Satin hears those words,  slams on the breaks and says, "Ok, Ill be stopping right here!"

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