The best kiss I ever got

The best kiss I ever got

Monday, April 4, 2011

#14 Boyfriends??? Seriously??

It was Brooklynns 5th grade yr at Southern and I was so sad. I couldn't help but worry about her moving on to Middle School. Especially when I realized that Ms. Linda couldn't go with her. I started praying the first day of school that God would do something miraculous so that I could either stay home with her or Ms. Linda could go. She had been at Southern 8 yrs total! 2 yrs of preschool, kindergarten and now she was a big 5th grader!! We were so proud of her and she had made sooooo many friends along the way and one little boy who thought she was pretty special..make that 2 little boys.
Shelby who is an awesome little boy was and had been her BFF since 1st grade. He was in a wheelchair too and reminded me so much of Brooklynn. The teacher would snap pics of them laying side by side, holding hands!! They cracked me up. Neither of them could talk but the new exactly what each other was saying. One day I picked Brooklynn up and she and Shelby were sitting side by side in their wheelchairs. I released her brake and I noticed that she still wasn't going. I looked down and Shelby had a hold of her. I said, "Shelby, it's me.Can I take Brooke home with me?" He looked at me and smiled and let go. On the way home I said,"ah ah Brookie, you and Shelby love each other." I looked in the rear view mirror at her and she was rolling her eyes!!
Then came Jeremy. He could walk and talk he just functioned at a lower level. When he talked he sounded just like Forrest Gump. When Timmy would take her to school in the mornings he was there to great them. He would say in his Forrest Gump voice and accent,"what kind of van do you Timmy." Timmy would say, "I have a Chevy with a lift for Brooke's wheelchair Jeremy, why?" "Well, I was needing to borrow it. Me and Brookie are going fishing down at the pond." "You are?" Timmy would say. "Yep, she loves me and I love her. I'm going to build me a cabin for us and were gonna get us a van just like yours so I can take her places."
It was the funniest conversations you have ever heard. One morning he met him and said, "I was talking to Brookie yesterday and she said she sure does love you tell me that she loves me." Timmy said "Jeremy Brookie said she loves you too." It was so much fun just to hear what he had to say every morning and listen to him talk. I told Timmy that even tho Brooke didn't talk I felt like God allowed them to communicate. He is just good like that.
That year started off so wonderful but Brooklynn's health started to deteriorate. We didn't notice it at the time, but looking back at pictures you could see how swollen she really was. It wouldn't be too much longer that we would receive the news that no parent ever ever wants to hear.

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